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Solis Occasus Bling

Solis Occasus Bling is one-of-a kind jewelry & a few other things made by me.


Jewelry for the Cowgirl that wants to get noticed and other things you will adore!

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Saddle Crosses & Saddle Feathers
"Tie one on & Show it off!"

Solis Occasus Bling

I am the Designer/Artisan of Solis Occasus Bling making JEWELRY for  the cowgirl that wants to get noticed.  Each piece is designed and hand-crafted by me and is a one-of-a-kind creation.  I welcome custom orders too! 

I also make SADDLE CROSSES & SADDLE FEATHERS...  "Tie one on and Show it off!"

I have grown in my craft in so many ways and now offer all kinds of mixed media pieces as well as STAINED & FUSED GLASS works.  

Stay tuned as my mind is constantly whirling the thoughts of what I can create next.

My imagination is only limited by the time that I have to create!

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To see my most recent creations before they reach Etsy, visit the facebook page:

Solis Occasus Bling

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Contact me for custom orders.

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