ICE BLUE eyes, GOLDEN AMBER eyes, BROWN eyes...Black & White coats, Multi-Colored coats, Moon Spotted coats, FlOwErY coats...MGR registered & IFGA does not matter what you are looking for... because here at the Villa...

"We've got your goat"

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~*~ 2019 KIDDING SEASON has concluded ~*~


We currently have one Summer Doeling AVAILABLE!

Beautiful Blue eyes, Champion Bloodlines and ready for her new home.  Contact us if you are interested.


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Contact Us if you wish to be added to our 2020 wait list.

New KIDS to arrive January 2020.



As of 6/03/2013 The buyer will be responsible for the registration process with IFGA for any kids purchased from Solis Occasus Villa.  The necessary registration forms will ONLY be provided to the buyer upon request.  

ALL of my kids up until this date have been registered with the IFGA and ALL of my kids are, and will continue to be, eligible for IFGA registration.

( For further details concerning this change, or as to my reasons why, please feel free to contact me.)

As of 12/31/2013 The MHB has closed and is no longer in operation.  All of my breeding stock up until this date have been registered with the MHB.

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We reserve the right to retain any kid for our breeding program.

We also reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time at our discretion and for any reason we so decide and any monies paid will be refunded to the buyer if this should happen.

DEPOSITS are NONREFUNDABLE unless we cancel a sale or something unforeseen  happens to the goat prior to its departure from our farm.

We are not responsible for goats once they have departed our farm.

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A reputable breeder will gladly provide you with the proper registration papers and registration transfer forms.  Be sure you are getting what you pay for upon pick-up of your new goat.

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Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR)

Notice of Change

Looking to the future of the breed is very important not only for its preservation but also for the acceptance of the Myotonic as a breed. One of the ongoing problems in that acceptance is that as a landrace breed it has many different looks, and therefore cannot be given a breed standard that will cover the breed. This is the reason MGR has in the past only used a Breed Description.

How do we get this to be an accepted breed by the industry and also be able to have a breed standard that will indeed allow for a true conformation? Not a simple or quick task to do. However, we will begin on 01/01/2013 to initiate our first step by closing the registry to allow only bucks that have two (2) registered MGR parents.

How does this help? We must accept that our Bucks are one half of our herd. Therefore, if no new bucks are allowed into the MGR registry then we will begin to see a particular look begin to shape within this registry. This will not happen overnight but is a start to progressively moving the Myotonics into a breed that can be recognized instantly by breeders.

Remember: as of 01/01/2013 Bucks without TWO registered MGR parents will not be allowed to be registered---no exceptions.


Please click the following link to read the Goat Sale Information.

Goat Sale Information

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