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Goats are herd animals and do not do well alone.

Please be sure that your goat will have a full time companion of some sort in its new home.

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Bucklings under 6 months of age $750 and up

Doelings under 6 months of age $750 and up


Bucklings over 6 months of age to 1 year $750 and up

Doelings over 6 months of age to 1 year $750 and up


Bucks over 1 year of age $750 and up

Does over 1 year of age $750 and up

Occasionally pet quality animals are available and are priced $250 and up.  Pets are typically Wethers (castrated males), it is very seldom that we have a Pet Quality Female.

NOTE:  Exceptional Conformation, Pedigree, Blue Eyes and Flashy Coat Patterns, particulary Peacock, Flowery & MOON SPOTS, cost additional.  Each kid is priced accordingly.

NOTE:  Marble blue eyes are just that...the blue is marbled typically with brown at birth.  Please keep in mind, that although kids with marble blue eyes are genetically considered blue for production purposes, the marbling may darken over time and allow very little blue to remain visible.  There is a great article on my LINKS page to help further understand eye color genetics.

Please click the following link for current availability.

Fainting Goats FOR SALE


Payment Terms:

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold a kid for you until it is weaned, typically 8 to 10 weeks of age.  We do NOT accept checks for deposit, only CASH, PAYPAL (friends & family) or VENMO (non purchase). After 10 weeks of age we begin to charge $5.00 per day boarding fee to hold the kid for you unless other written arrangements have been made.  Kids not picked up within 14 days of scheduled pick-up date will revert back to being the property of Solis Occasus Villa and no refund will be given on any money paid unless other written arrangements have been made.  We reserve the right to retract the sale of any animal given any reservations of safety or well-being of the animal.  We reserve the right to cancel any sale as we see fit.  In such a case, your full deposit amount will be refunded via certified mail with delivery confirmation.  All animals and any fees relating to that animal must be paid in full upon pick-up.  If paid prior to pick up we accept PAYPAL (friends & family), VENMO (non purchase). CASH, and personal checks.  Please allow 10 banking days for checks to clear prior to arranging to pick up any animals  If balance due is being paid upon pick-up, we accept cash only.


Included in the Purchase Price:

Vaccination for CD&T at 4 weeks of age and booster at 8 weeks.

Baycox treatment for the prevention of coccidiosis.

Oral de-worming.

Hooves trimmed and maintained.

Disbudding (All kids will be disbudded at the appropriate age unless naturally polled.  We do NOT offer the sale of horned goats.)

Castration (Note:  This is only if purchasing a Wether). (As of April 5, 2016, if you are seeking a Wether please let us know when choosing your kid.  Payment will be required in full prior to castration being performed.)

Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) registration certificate and transfer memo will be given to the buyer.  The buyer will be responsible for transferring the registration into their name.  An application to join the MGR will also be provided.

Documentation of health records, date of birth, etc.

Sample of feed so that there is not an abrupt change in the animals diet.

General informatin regarding goat care.

Any other health tests and/or health certificate can be done by our veterinarian at the buyer's expense.


Health Papers:

Each state has its own requirements as far as what type of documentation is needed to bring animals into the state.  The fines are costly if you get stopped and do not have the proper health papers for your livestock.  You can check with your local vet or visit the link below to see what is required to enter your state.  All health certificates and tests and any fees associated with this are the responsibility of the buyer. 



Buyers are responsible in making their new goats comfortable & safe during their ride to their new homes.  We ask that you use a crate/carrier, truck w/camper shell or livestock trailer appropriate for the size goat you are picking up.  If crate/carrier is used and is to be placed in the outside bed of a vehicle we ask that you make sure the animal will have proper protection from wind, rain, sun, extreme temperatures, etc.  We suggest you line the crate/carrier with newspaper and then hay/staw to help soak up urine.  Under no circumstances will a goat leave our care tied to the bed of a truck or open trailer.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell or allow transportation of our goats with those that we feel are not responsible for the safety of our animals.


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I hope your new goat brings you much joy and happiness for many years to come.

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